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Kooltempo Toronto DJ Service is the premier Disc Jockey Service in Toronto & the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We are and AVLA Licensed DJ Service specializing in Weddings, Private Parties, Birthdays, School Dances, Proms, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, Anniversaries, Cocktails & Corporate Events.

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Ladies Night - Mobile Spa: Corporate Event

Its the holiday season! Most companies are looking at innovative ways to host their clients and staff to a evening filled with fun and entertainment. Well how about a 'Mobile Spa' pamper your clients and then entertain them to the best DJ music!

This is an event we did last month where a leading law firm in Toronto hosted their clients (Ladies) to a Mobile Spa.

Location: Mississauga City Centre 12th Floor
Number of Guests: 120+
Entertainment: Mobile Spa + DJ Music

Toronto Wedding - LoftRaum @ Urban Amish

Kooltempo Toronto Wedding DJ Services provided DJ Services as well as up-lighting for this elegant wedding held at LoftRaum @ Urban Amish which is a heritage-designated building located in the designer district at Adelaide and Parliament. This venue is a upscale furniture store during the day which is converted to a banquet lounge in the evening for private functions. This location is ideal for Weddings as well as corporate events.

The Wedding reception did follow the traditional style as the Bride & Groom wanted to have a more lounge effect / style. Therefore they did not have any of the traditional activities such as introductions, cake cutting etc with the exception of the 'First Dance'. The guest had cocktails and h'orderves and straightaway got in to the party mode.  We played soft lounge music during the cocktail hour and played Classic Rock, 8-90's music along with some Top 40 tracks for this event.

Since the bride and Groom married in Hawaii they also set-up a slide show with all the pictures so that the guest can view the photos during the cocktail hour.

The venue look absolutely beautiful with he up-lighting we provided and most guest comments about it.  We provided a combination or White and Pink up-lighting along with our LED Wash lighting system.  Check-out the photos and you will see what we mean..     

Number of Guests: 100+
Wedding Ceremony: The Bride & Groom had their private Wedding Ceremony in Hawaii
Wedding Reception: Indoor

Toronto DJ - Wash Lighting System
Toronto Wedding DJ Up-lighting LoftRaum @ Urban Amish

Wedding DJ Toronto Up-Lighting (LoftRaum @ Urban Amish, Toronto)
Bride & Groom First Dance (LoftRaum @ Urban Amish, Toronto)

Toronto Wedding DJ Koolempo - (LoftRaum @ Urban Amish, Toronto)

Wedding DJ in Toronto, Kooltempo (LoftRaum @ Urban Amish, Toronto)

Wedding DJ Service Kooltempo (LoftRaum @ Urban Amish, Toronto)

Sweet Table (LoftRaum @ Urban Amish, Toronto)

Wedding DJ Toronto - Slide Show (LoftRaum @ Urban Amish, Toronto)

Wedding DJ Toronto Lighting (LoftRaum @ Urban Amish, Toronto)

Decor (LoftRaum @ Urban Amish, Toronto)

Guest Dancing for 80-90's Music of Koolempo Toronto Wedding DJ Service (LoftRaum @ Urban Amish, Toronto)

Gangnam Style Wedding by Kooltempo - Toronto's Best Wedding DJ Service

This Toronto Wedding was held at The Atlantis Pavilion in Toronto on Oct 07, 2012.

The highlight of the Wedding was the Bride & Groom's First Dance where they started with a slow song and surprised everyone with a Gangnam Style choreographed dance. We mainly played Top 40, 80-90's and Hip-Hop music at the wedding. You will see in this video that the dance floor was packed and everyone Young and Old had a great time. Also check out our lighting effects and the interactive DJ energizing the crowd!

Instead of having a standard "First Dance" the Bride & Groom decided to make their first dance "Unique and Memorable".

Checkout this Gangnam Style First Dance by the couple and the Wedding Party!

Checkout the below video which shows some of our mixes, lighting effects.

Planning your Wedding? Make it a Success!

Planning and making things work perfectly for your BIG Day can be very exciting and at the same time (for some) very ‘Stressful’ as well.

Its important that you organize your self well in advance and make sure you distribute the activities throughout the planning period (approximately 12 - 14 months in advance) so that your are not overly stressed at the last moment. Planning and organizing your self, well in advance could save you hundreds of dollars as well as enable you to enjoy your entire wedding experience!

So here are some tips for you to plan for your Big Day!

Planning your Wedding? Make it Special!
** Please note that this may not be a comprehensive list and you may need to customize it based on your specific situation and requirements.

12 to 14 Months before your ‘Big Day’

  • Decide on the wedding date, time, and venue and Book your Wedding venue [When selecting the day just make sure you check and see if there are special events planned in the area / city that may become an issue for your event (eg:- Road Closures etc)]
  • Make a rough plan on the type of wedding you hope to have (Theme, Colors etc)
  • Determine a budget for your event
  • Start making a rough guest list 
  • Start fitness plan
  • Start your research on,
          Disc jockey
          Caterers (if its not covered by the venue)
          Wedding Planners
          Limo / Transport
          Rentals etc.,
  • Create your Website

10 to 12 Months before your ‘Big Day’

  • Finalize the list of your Wedding Party
  • Book meetings with the shortlisted Wedding Professional and finalize your Wedding vendors (DJ, Photographer, Printer, Wedding Planner ect)
  • Shop for your Wedding rings & Jewelers
  • Select your Wedding Dress, Headpiece, Jewelry
  • Begin your research and make a shortlist your Honeymoon destination
  • Select your bridesmaids' dresses and accessories
  • Update your Website

5 to 10 Months before your ‘Big Day’

  • Finalize Guest list
  • Order your invitations
  • Meet with the Officiant and check the  province’s marriage license requirements
  • Meet with your florist and florist and discuss your ideas
  • Select a gift registry and select your gift choices
  • Shopping for the men’s wedding attire
  • Select the baker, finalize the cake design
  • Decide upon and order your favors.
  • Finalize your honeymoon travel arrangements
  • Update your Website

2 to 5 Months before your ‘Big Day’

  • Mail invitations
  • Have the engagement photographs done
  • Plan and make arrangements for the rehearsal dinner
  • Arrange for accommodation for out-of-town attendants and guests
  • Book appointments with,
  • Disc Jockey
  • Photographer
  • Venue
  • Florist
  • Officiant
  • hairdresser and / or makeup artist
  • Start noting down your main song selection and favorite music to be given to the DJ
  • Update your Website
  • Plan Vacation days for your Wedding & Honeymoon, inform your employers

4 Weeks before your ‘Big Day’

  • Finalize your Wedding Day Agenda
  • Finalize plans and guest list for Venue
  • Meet with your and finalize plans with your vendors
  • Send the list of music you would like played during special activities such as first dance, Cake Cutting, Bouquet Toss etc., to the DJ along with the final timeline
  • Obtain marriage license (Make sure your marriage license is in order)
  • Update your Website

2 to 4 Weeks before your ‘Big Day’

  • Meet with the DJ and discuss the music list, timeline, venue logistics etc.,
  • Wedding Dress Fitting
  • Wedding Party Dress Fitting
  • Draw a map to direct your guests to the site (Update your website)
  • Finalize the Wedding day Agenda
  • Start preparing your speeches
  • Make sure your accessories are in order (Eg:-rings, pillow, garter, etc.)

1 to 2 Weeks before your ‘Big Day’

  • Pick up your wedding rings (make sure they fit properly)
  • Contact guests who have not responded to your invitations
  • Finalize seating arrangements for the reception
  • Meet with your MC and brief him / her about the plans
  • Confirm out-of-town guests have transportation and accommodations
  • Meet with your Wedding Day Planner and dicuss the detailed plans. Provide him / her instructions and contact information of all vendors, key contacts, emergency numbers etc.,
  • Make the final payments to your vendor (DJ, Photographer, Wedding Coordinator, Florists)

1 to 7 Days before your ‘Big Day’

  • Pack your luggage for the honeymoon
  • Make arrangement for pets during your Wedding Day / Honeymoon
  • Inform Security Company that you will be away for few days
  • Wedding ceremony rehearsal with all the participants
  • Have the rehearsal dinner
  • Inform your venue / catering company about the final guest count
  • Check with your florist and/or balloonist to make sure they will arrive when scheduled
  • Appoint ushers to guide guests during the ceremony & reception

1 Day before your ‘Big Day’

  •  Give reminder calls to your main vendors, florist, bakers etc., to ensure they arrive on time to the venue and are are aware of the timelines and have made all arrangements
  •  Pre pack your important articles (Rings, Marriage license etc)

On Your BIG Day!

  • Relax and remain calm! Allow approximately two to three hours for dressing, make-up and hair
  • Take a deep breath, don't worry, and SMILE!
  • Make sure you enjoy yourself and remain on the dance floor as much as possible!

Elegant Wedding at Crosswinds Golf & Country Club, Burlington

Kooltempo Toronto Wedding DJ Services was privileged to be a part of this Elegant Wedding held at the at Crosswinds Golf & Country Club in Burlington, Ontario (September 2012) Ontario - Summer 2012

Number of Guests: 160+
Wedding Ceremony: Outdoor
Wedding Reception: Indoor

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony " Crosswinds Golf & Country Club, Burlington
Outdoor Wedding Ceremony, Crosswinds Burlington
Before they walked down the Isle at Crosswinds Wedding Ceremony
Wedding Ceremony, Toronto DJ " Crosswinds
The moment they said `I-Do`
DJ Set-up at Crosswinds Gold & Country Club, Burlington
Dance Floor - DJ View at Crosswinds Golf & Country Club Wedding in Burlington

Bride & Groom First Dance (Crosswinds Burlington Wedding)
DJ Sound & Lighting Set-up at Crosswinds Golf & Country Club Burlington

`Packed Dance Floor`during Wedding at Crosswinds Golf Club, Burlington

Wedding at Sassafraz, Yorkville, Toronto - Summer 2012

Toronto Wedding at Sassafraz Restaurant, Yorkville, Toronto, Ontario - Summer 2012

This wedding was held at Sassafraz, Toronto Restaurant situated in the heart of Yorkville in Toronto Ontario.  Our Toronto DJ Service provided music for the Wedding Ceremony, Dinner Reception and for the Dancing portion of the Wedding.

The Ceremony

The Wedding Ceremony was held on the first floor of the building attended by of approximately 150 people.  The Bridal Party entered the Ceremony hall for the song Unforgettable by Natalie Cole & Nat King Cole followed by the Bride & Dad who walked up the isle for 'At Last' by  Etta James.  Even though this is not a common song for the Processional song we discussed with the bride and timed it so that she entered the Ceremony Hall soon after the main intro when the main chorus started.. most of the guests spoke to us and said it was an excellent choice. The recessional song was 'Lovely Day' by Bill Withers which was played as soon as the Bride & Groom 'Kissed'.

The Ceremony was conducted by Jim Emerson of Enduring Promises, whom we have worked with many times in the past.

Cocktail Hour

Soon after the Wedding Ceremony the guests gathered on the first floor for cocktails for approx 45minutes. Based on the request by the couple we played a selection of Modern Jazz and some pre-selected song during this time.  The Bride & Groom gave their speech during cocktail hour as they didn't want to stick to the traditional style of making the speech during dinner reception.

Dinner Reception

Soon after the Cocktails, guests made their way down to the ground floor for dinner. The dinner reception lasted for approx two hours where there were there were few speeches.  The couple wanted to keep things simple and didn't have any kissing games during the dinner reception and we played some Oldies / Jazz as background music.

Since the entire event was on two separate floors our Toronto Wedding DJ's had separate equipment set-ups done on both the first floor and the ground floor.  As the dancing was taking place on the first floor our DJ's did the main equipment set-up there and did a basic equipment set-up on the ground floor since there was only a requirement for back ground music during dinner.


The dancing started at approximately 9.30pm once the guests made their way back to the first floor after dinner.  The Ceremony & Cocktail area was combined by the Staff of Sassafraz to have a single large room for dancing.  The dancing was kicked off by the Bride & Groom with their first Dance.  Our DJ's enjoyed playing a mix of Top 40, Hip-Hop, 80-90's, Rock & Roll and Dance Hall which kept the dance floor packed and happening.  The original plan by the Bride & Groom was to wrap up the the event by 1am.  However they decided to continue till 2.30am since majority of the guests refused to leave and wanted to party all night long.


The Photographer for the Wedding was the Awesome Rob Taylor from Taylor'd Photography.  We want to make a special note of thanks to Rob for sharing some photos with us to post on our Toronto DJ blog.  Check out more photos of this Wedding on Kooltempo Wedding Blog Website.  

Wedding at Sassafraz, Toronto - Photo by Taylor'd Photography 
Bride & Groom Dancing, Wedding at Sassafraz, Toronto - Photo by Taylor'd Photography 
Sassafraz, Toronto - Wedding Reception
Sassafraz, Toronto - Wedding Reception - Cake
Sassafraz, Toronto - Dinner Reception during Wedding
Wedding DJ Toronto @ Sassafraz, Toronto
Wedding Ceremony - Sassafraz, Toronto, Bride & Groom 'Wedding Vows"
DJ Liging Set-up at Sassafraz, Toronto

Hilton Suites Markham Wedding DJ

Hilton Suites Markham, Wedding DJ - Summer 2012

This elegant Wedding was held at the Hilton Suites (Markham Room) in Markham, Ontario.  The Wedding Ceremony was held on the first floor of the building followed by a traditional Tea Ceremony, Cocktails and the main Wedding Reception (Markham Hall).

The Wedding Ceremony was conducted by Rinette Emerson of Enduring Promises who did an awesome job coordinating with our Wedding Ceremony DJ to ensure that every thing was done according to plan. We mainly played Traditional Classics for the prelude and a select list songs selected by the Bride & Groom for the main parts of the Ceremony. After the Wedding Ceremony the immediate Family members joined at the main reception hall for a Traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony while the guests enjoyed h'orderves and cocktails at the lobby. 

For the main reception the Bride & Groom requested our Wedding DJ to play Disney Music and Love Songs during Dinner and Top 40, Hip-Hop and 80-90's Music for Dancing.  Our Toronto Wedding DJ's enjoyed playing a mix of old school hip hop tracks mixed with the new Top 40 tracks to keep every one on the dance floor. We also played few SClub7 tracks since we heard that it was the grooms favorite band..

One note worthy mention is that the Wedding Cake was personally made by the Bride and all bouquets and centerpieces were hand made by the Bride`s Mom.  Take a look at the pictures of this elegant wedding and you will see what we are talking about....   

Location: Hilton Suites, Markham Room, Markham, Ontario
Number of Guests: 220+
Ceremony: Indoor on 1st Floor of Hilton Suites
Reception: Hilton Suites, Markham Room

Officiant: Rinette Emerson - Enduring Promises
Decor: Vivian Konney - Vivian’s Decor & Designs

Wedding Ceremony DJ Set-up

Wedding Ceremony, Before During & After

The Moment they said "I Do"

Head Table & "The Cake"

"THE Cake - Credits Adrienne, The Bride"

Banquet Hall

Hilton Suites - Markham Hall
Toronto Wedding DJ Equipment Set-up at Hilton Suites

Wedding DJ Lighting & Set-up, Hilton Suites, Markham
Packed Dance Floor - Toronto Wedding DJ's at Hilton Suites Markham

Wedding DJ Toronto, Hilton Suites Markham
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